EasyReading goes to the Turin International Book Fair 

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Increased dissemination of knowledge passes by way of communication that is accessible to everyone, with no exceptions. This is the underlying principle of the EasyReading inclusive font, as created by its Turin designer Federico Alfonsetti, a font which is commercialised worldwide by Easyreading Multimedia S.r.l. and will be exhibiting at the 31st Turin International Book Fair, held from 10 to 14 May 2018. 

This event is one of the world’s major dates on the publishing calendar and is open to the general public from 10.00 to 20.00 for five days. At the book fair reading, writing, thoughts and words will be in the limelight at the exhibition centre of Lingotto Fiere -via Nizza 260 in Turin – which will host EasyReading in Pavilion 1, on stand E02. This space is designed to hold meetings, presentations and lectures with one common denominator: inclusion. 

One day all of this will be… is the theme of this year’s edition. But what will it be? Will it be lost? Will it be the place where our children will be happy to live? To understand where we are heading, to get to the bottom of this modernity that seems to have no time for emotions, for making yourself heard and understood, we have invited communication experts, publishers and young researchers to take stock of the situation concerning what makes the world tick more than ever today: COMMUNICATION. 

This theme “One day all this” is exactly what inspired the title of this event organised by EasyReading, included in the programme of the Book Fair: the art of communicating. The spotlights will be turned on Thursday 10 May, at 17.30, in the Amphitheatre of the Piedmont Regional Authority (Pav. 3). The moderator of the meeting will be Marco Sodano, journalist and digital editor from the newspaper La Stampa. Guest speakers will be Valentina De Poli (Topolino Magazine), Ulisse Jacomuzzi (Sei Editrice), Ilaria Amadei (Edizioni Play Press), University of Milan / Bicocca, Research Area – Promotion of Research and Innovation Sector, as well as our designer Federico Alfonsetti, who is eager to share his thoughts on Easyreading’s presence at Lingotto over the next few days: “In over 15 years of publishing we have always taken part in the Turin Book Fair and that cannot change under our new guise, with EasyReading. Why not? Because this is a wonderful showcase and a place, like few others, to meet and make contacts with professionals in the field of communication.” 

Why have you decided to open the doors of your stand to meetings and presentations? 

“Because we also want to be seen as a meeting point and reference marker for anyone who approaches, analyses and debates the issues connected with access to communication, seen and experienced from A to Z. Everything is included: publishing, newspapers, teaching activities, voluntary associations.” 

How did you choose your guests to include in your programmed event, which is on the opening day of the Book Fair, 10 May?  

“That was easy, because they operate in various areas of communication, following our principles, and also because, somehow our paths have crossed. 

We would be pleased to meet you from 10 to 14 May at the Turin International Book Fair, in Pavilion 1, Stand E02 and be sure not to miss our event, The Art of Communicating, on the programme on Thursday 10 May, starting at 17.30 in Pavilion 3 in the Amphitheatre of the Regional Authority of Piedmont.