Today sees the opening of the national congress of Beautiful Mind, on specific learning disabilities 

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The designer Federico Alfonsetti is one of the speakers: meeting on the agenda at 18.30 

Today and tomorrow at the Hotel Alcide, in viale Marconi, in Poggibonsi (SI), the fourth edition of the National Congress will be held, organised by the Beautiful Mind Association.
“When the problem is inclusion. SLD, SEN, NLD. Evolution and change”: this is the title of the meeting, sponsored by AIRIPA TOSCANA (the Tuscany branch of the Italian Association for Research and Action into Learning Psychopathology), which can involve professionals from all over Italy. The meetings on the agenda were conceived with the aim of discussing and the desire to debate some of the issues and just as many difficulties linked to the world of specific learning disabilities, also aiming to make a contribution, by means of the experience of the speakers, to high education. Work begins today 13 April at 14.30 and finishes at 18.00 the following day. 

This evening, starting at 18.30, the designer Federico Alfonsetti will be on stage to tell his story, linked to the inclusive EasyReading font, which spares no comments on its participation in the congress: «The project we have created with EasyReading Multimedia S.r.l. started from the idea of a design that is inclusive for all, the word itself says it, and this fits perfectly with the content of the title of this event at which we will play a part this afternoon at Poggibonsi».
What exactly do you mean with the term inclusion, if we are talking about a written text?
«The word inclusion, in my opinion, should be translated into the desire to find solutions that consider the diversities of everyone, including any difficulties in single individuals. Everyone standing before you should be accepted, always, each with their own individuality».
In the title of this congress there are two key words: Evolution and change. What should we expect in the near future?
«We should be optimistic, because that is the best way to ensure that things can change. I am pleased to note that around the issues of dyslexia and inclusion, which we are involved with on a daily basis with EasyReading, there is a new sensitivity and greater attention, even though I am aware that there is still a lot of work to do, especially when it comes to training in the schools».
When we talk about EasyReading, are we talking about a “concept” that is in some way artistic?
«To answer your question, I refer to the concept of design, because this seems the best way to underline that our font is not just useful and helpful, but also attractive, and as proof of this we are fortunate to have the recognition of the Ministry for Italian Economic Development, in the form of incentives given precisely because of its innovative design. We prefer to work on the idea of innovation, rather than beautiful or ugly».