Those behind EasyReading


It was he who created the font. He was the designer. With his immense love firstly for design and then graphics. He wanted to be Salvador Dalí before becoming the father of Giulio and Agnese. He began working on the font in 2007, when he was still a simple publisher: they asked him to publish books for dyslexics and he decided to get to the heart of the matter. At the origin of everything were the ideas around the design of the maestro Bruno Munari.


He teaches mathematics. He was born in the province of Messina, but since 1980 Turin is his home. Leonardo Sciascia is one of his mentors and reading one of his greatest passions. That was the pretext to enter the publishing world in 1994: there were seven of them, including Federico Alfonsetti. The rest is a shared story. He is responsible in the company for managing contracts and any kind of collaboration centred on EasyReading.


He lived in that all-Italian period where if you do politics you do it actively. With his first allowance, a few coins, he tried to buy a book. It was the beginning of a beautiful love story that is still standing – the one with the printed word. He then began to print in large letters because, in the meantime, he discovered he was dyslexic. Or perhaps he had always known it, ever since as a child they took him to the correction school for unruly children... just because he had more difficulties. More difficulties than others.


He is the investor, coming from the world of fashion, but who chose the practicality of three youngsters from the 1968 protest movement. The piece, almost always, most difficult to find. The person without whom nothing would have been achieved or even started. He who believed in the font even before the scientific research and the Italian Ministry for Economic Development. With him, everything became possible.

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