The University of Macerata uses our font EasyReading® Dyslexia Friendly

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The University of Macerata uses the EasyReading®/Dyslexia Friendly font on the 2022/2023 communication campaign #emozioneunimc, on the exhibition booths and indoor signage.

Four colorful images, featuring people in university and city life spaces, speaking to the hearts of the coming generations through their own gaze. Ads, posters, banners, web and social content where the UniMC prospective students can look at themselves and recognize the oneness of a humanistic  Athenaeum with over seven centuries of history,always been open to the world and constantly changing, capable of playing a future full of complexities, which needs more than ever humanistic minds to progress, be increasingly inclusive and stay human.

Introducing the uniMC Inclusion Week
Exhibition booths and indoor signage
UniMC al Salone dello Studente
UniMC al Salone dello Studente