Andrea Delogu and Italian Dyslexia Association chose the EasyReading/Dyslexia Friendly for the high readability edition of the book “Contrappasso”

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EasyReading was chosen, following the advice of the Italian Association of Dyslexia, as the font for the highly readable edition of the third book, and first novel, by the extraordinary actress and presenter Andrea Delogu.

Below is the statement made by AID through its social channels:

“Contrappasso, the first novel by our ambassador Andrea Delogu, has been published in recent months. Unlike the autobiographical book ‘Dove finiscono le parole’ (Where the Words End), this compelling novel does not speak of dyslexia, but Andrea wanted to devote particular attention to readers with specific learning disabilities. Thanks to the availability of the Harper Collins publishing house, a highly readable version has been created, based on recommendations of the AID for the choice of the font, spacing between letters and line spacing. The Dyslexia Friendly version of Contrappasso can be booked in bookstores or ordered in the main online stores. Thanks to our Andrea for this opportunity and…enjoy reading!”.

We are really proud of this important recognition the most important and authoritative Italian Association of Dyslexia people gave to us. And we would like to thank the famous Andrea Delogu who chose us once again.