Dyslexia and communication. EasyReading flies to Cagliari 

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The employee organisation in Sardinia Cral Regione Sardegna ASD, a no-profit association set up to bring together employees of the Regional Administration, of the Regional Bodies and Authorities and of the Regional Council of Sardinia, whether still in service or retired, is organising a conference devoted to dyslexia and communication, for the coming 30 May starting at 9.00 hrs and to be held in the main hall (Aula Magna) of the I.I.S.“Ottone Bacaredda” – “Sergio Atzeni” institute (Via Achille Grandi, Cagliari ed.). Those speaking in the morning include, at 9.30, the designer of EasyReading, Federico Alfonsetti, who has been invited to offer his experience on account of the decision of the Cral Regione Piemonte to make use of the inclusive font for all of its communications, starting with their website: “We will be in Cagliari – adds Federico Alfonsetti – not only because the Cral Regione Sardegna has decided to make use of our font to communicate clearly and effectively with everyone, but also because they are giving a preview presentation of the project created by Andrea Piras, a CRS4 researcher and coordinator of the Airport4All – App and accessibility project. Here we are talking about an App referring to the four Sardinian airports and which has decided to make use of our font”.

How did your font get to Sardinia?

“That is the first question that I put to my colleagues from the Cral Regione Sardegna when they contacted me. They heard about us from news articles talking about us and our project. This revived sensitivity towards social issues fills me with optimism”.

What subjects are you going to deal with at the conference in Cagliari?

“I’m going to talk about how a problem on an individual, personal level has managed to bring into being something that is useful for everyone. I like to draw the attention to the concept of design for all, which is

basically the approach that led to the conception, creation and development of our font. For us diversity is not seen as a problem, but as a facilitating “value”. Obviously, the crucial subject of the meeting will be the various applications that the font can be used for, printed material, the web, through Apps, and which ensure comprehensive coverage of all means of communication”.

What makes a conference like this one special?

“This is a special conference because of the speakers who are involved: Regional institutions. This is a positive sign of how we are finally realising that communication must be accessible to all and that the institutions must commit to helping all citizens, without exception”.