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Tomorrow evening, the meeting organised by EasyReading, included in the week dedicated to Torino Design of the City, will be held which will take place in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the World Design Organization. In the evocative setting of the Circolo del Design (Design Club) in Via Giovanni Giolitti, 26/A, starting from 6pm (until 8pm), a series of invited guests will speak on the dominant theme of the event: understanding how design can work on a complex product such as the City to obtain innovative sustainable solutions.

EasyReading’s philosophy is well matched with the basic concepts of Torino Design City and tomorrow’s meeting will be the best opportunity for discussion through different points of view and experiences but which are by no means distant from our way of understanding communication and from the direction we would like it to take. The same, for everyone. Like the strength of certain photographs (Cintia Soto), how the services in a city should be, for everyone (Federico Alfonsetti), museums (Rocco Rolli), parks (Alberto Girani) and books, especially if conceived for the littlest ones (Luana Astore). As well as the tangible experience of those who have made a precise choice, and speaking here, to be clear, will be our future (Giulia Venturini and Giulia Calascibetta).

Ø             MODERATOR

Nadia Afragola                 Journalist, copywriter, Digital PR, Social Media Manager. Cosmopolitan, Club Milano, Wu Magazine, EyeBook, Business Class Magazine, Auto and 1820 Magazine are just some of the major newspapers she collaborates with.

Ø             SPEAKERS

  1. Federico Alfonsetti – Designer (smart city)

The creator of the EasyReading font will speak about accessibility to written text and the “smart” city projects. It was he who created the font. He was the designer. With his immense love firstly for design and then for graphics. He began working on the font in 2007, when he was a partner of a publisher, specialised in inclusive publishing: they asked him to publish books for dyslexics and he decided to get to the heart of the matter. At the origin of everything were the ideas around the design of the maestro Bruno Munari.

  1. Rocco Rolli – Professor (museum accessibility)

He carries out research on accessible design topics with particular attention to issues of orientation and mobility of blind people and to issues related to perception and representation for those with visual impairments. He participated in the Italian research group of the “European Cities within Reach” project and in the Italian research group of the “Tactimages” project promoted by the European Union. Professor of the course “Design for everyone: from architectural barriers to accessibility” of the faculty of Architecture of Turin. Technical consultant of the National UICI on accessible culture issues. Member of the Tactile Vision non-profit organisation. With Fabio Levi, he curates the “Tacto” Braille book series, Silvio Zamorani Publishers.

  1. Luana Astore – Telos Publishers (publishing)

During a PhD in philosophy in Paris, she became interested in childhood literature due to a series of biographical and professional coincidences. It was then that she decided to open a publishing house dedicated to children’s and adolescent literature and decided to do it in Italy. Thus Telos was born. Subsequently, she decided to dedicate Telos’s first publishing project to the right and freedom to read. Reading is free when it is accessible to all types of readers, including those with reading difficulty. “Il Mago Tre-Pi” (The Three-P Wizard), Telos’s first book published, was created to meet the need of reading accessibility and pleasure for all types of readers through two fundamental components: strong content (text and illustrations) and accessibility tools (font, digital version of the book).

  1. Cintia Soto – International photographer

A photographer for passion, she is constantly looking for visual material that can teach a lesson. Among her objectives is not only to share “a” culture but above all to communicate. A woman who supports other women through her photography. A photographer who promotes the places in which she has lived. And a professional who decided to leave the desk to be happy. Some of the newspapers with which she collaborates: Destinations – Times (Group) – Travel + Leisure México – Vogue Mexico – South West Airlines magazine – Todos Santos Magazine.

  1. Alberto Girani – Portofino Park Director (museum use)

Born in Genoa in 1954, a graduate in Natural Sciences and a former teacher, he was director of the Regional Nature Park of Aveto from 1997 to 2002 and subsequently and to date of the Natural Park of Portofino. From 2007 to 2016, he collaborated with the University of Genoa with teaching assignments on planning and sustainability. He is author of over 15 books of a naturalistic and geographic nature and of numerous publications, also of a scientific nature. Photographer and populariser, he has held over 200 conferences and speeches of an environmental nature; he deals with European planning.

  1. Giulia Venturini – Faculty of Computer Science (research experience)

After working as a tutor of children with specific learning disorders, she graduated in Communication Sciences with a research thesis on Web Accessibility for dyslexic users, from which a long paper was derived and presented at the 2017 Italian conference of CHItaly. Also thanks to this research experience, she won a scholarship from the University of Turin and since September has been working on an e-learning project at the Department of Computer Science.

  1. Giulia Calascibetta – Faculty of Architecture (testimonial)

Recent graduate in Architecture. She graduated from the Politecnico di Torino with the thesis: “Promotion of the cultural heritage as a “system for everyone”. The San Filippo Neri complex in Chieri and the Don Bosco itinerary”. She used our font for her architecture thesis.


  1. Innovation of the educational model
  2. Technologies protagonists of change
  3. Writing, fonts: let’s talk about design
  4. Inclusivity: just a fad?

Ø            EVENT INFO

  1. The event will be followed by an aperitif offered by Baladin
  2. Musical interludes Blues by Alf&Cico