App Quiz Patente Ufficiale becomes inclusive by adopting the Font Easyreading

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Guida e Vai, a network for driving test training with more than 500 Italian driving schools, has decided to adopt our Font Easyreading in order to make its Official Quiz App accessible to all.

“We are so glad that a company, leader in its field and a model of innovation, has chosen Easyreading,” said Easyreading designer Federico Alfonsetti.

The Guida e Vai app (available for free on all online stores) with its 350,000 unique users active per month and more than 5 million total downloads, in fact, is among the most downloaded apps in the Educational sector in Italy. It is an infallible method for obtaining a driving license, which allows driving schools to support their students and students to study in an interactive, dynamic and fun way. With its 2022 version, the app has also become inclusive, making it accessible to everyone: just go to the User area, check Activate the DSA font and restart the app for the interface character to become Easyreading.

“We chose Easyreading as an accredited and scientifically recognized font to respond to our App users’ problems in reading. In doing so, driving test are made easier to prepare for them and we are happy to be, once again, on the side of the students and the Driving Schools”, states Mr. Salvatore Ambrosino, co-founder of Quiz Patente Ufficiale and founder of Guida e Vai.

Realizing that the path, carried out by Easyreading in the direction of facilitating access to (useful) information to an increasing number of people, is shared by increasingly important realities makes us extremely proud.