EasyReading is the font chosen by Unito for all the devices available to students and professors

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The University of Turin has acquired the Easyreading/Dyslexia Friendly font license for all the computer tools, within the University, available to students, administrative technical staff and teachers (including personal computers), for the University internet portal, websites, e-learning platforms and for all kinds of printed materials.

We were born in Turin, where we always worked and so we will for years to come,” font designer Federico Alfonsetti said. “Knowing that our font has been adopted by the University of Turin makes us extremely proud of our commitment and the work done so far“.

The choise, to be explained in a perspective of making teaching material universally accessible, is the obvious consequence of a fact: in 2020 the University of Turin registered the highest number of students with specific learning difficulties (ASD) of Italy: 1.993 (+25% compared to 2019).

In this respect, Professor Marisa Pavone, Rector’s Delegate for Disability and ASD, stated during an interview made by “La Stampa” on December 16, 2020: “the increase of these students in the universities means that they feel welcomed”.

In parallel to the increase of students with dyslexia and the adoption of our font, updated guidelines were born to support teachers to measure themselves on the teaching and a new model of training au pairs involving that volunteer students assume the role of tutors to help their fellow students in the university career.

Speaking of training, the University of Turin’s choice is following the one already taken by the MIUR and the CNR, the Universities of Ca’ Foscari, Florence, Milan, Perugia, Udine, Viterbo, Foreigners of Siena, e-campus, as well as the ones within the Vrailexia Consortium Erasmus+ project: UC Leuven Limburg (Belgium), Universidad de Cordoba, Panteion University (Athens), Université Paris Nanterre and Université Paris-Saclay.

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