A scanner able to make texts accessible to users with dyslexia is born

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As outcome of the cooperation with Pagenet Srl, the CZUR ET16 “DYS” Plus scanner was born, a device able to convert any font into EasyReading, the only one scientifically proven which can improve the reading to all users and support those with dyslexia difficulties.


“We are very proud of having achieved this agreement with Pagenet, the scanner CZUR supplier in Italy” the designer font Federico Alfonsetti stated.Users who felt difficulties in reading will now be able to read even the other books in addition to the many ones printed with our font”.

The device, a newness in the entire sector, is able to scan a book up to the double page A3 format, in a fast and easy way (in less than 1.5 seconds), offering advanced functions such as page straightening, removal of distortions and curvatures.

The scanner works with a powerful advanced OCR module based on Abbyy, one of the best ricognition engines available on the market, which allows you to export images in Jpg, Tiff, Pdf (even in the searchable version) formats and in those viewable through the Microsoft package Office Word and Excel.

Czur software is compatible with Windows xp /7/8/10, Mac 10.11 / 10.12. For those who are searching a professional device, of the same product line, the CZUR ET18 “DYS” Pro, the scanner recommended for schools, institutions and companies has been manufactured. In this case, the opportunity to connect it to projectors to display sheets, notes and volumes which are on the table of the speaker becomes useful.


This symbolizes for us the first step towards accessibility”, holder and manager of Pagenet sale, Maurizio Filippini Torriani, claimed. Give new life to your pages has been our slogan since Pagenet was born in 2011. Now, through this important cooperation, we are able to go further. We wish these two visionary products could lend a hand to the work EasyReading has been rigorously doing for years”.


More info available on the Italian CZUR website, (czurdys.wordpress.com), you can find th private scanner for sell – the professional one is not yet available- on ePRICE (www.eprice.itor, in special offer for the Associazione Italiana Dislessia (AID) members, on eshop.aiditalia.org.