The latest book of Roberto Giacobbo, the first one using the high legibility font EasyReading, has just come out

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The latest work of Roberto Giacobbo published by Mondadori “Storia alternativa del mondo. Un viaggio pieno di sorprese nel cammino dell’uomo. Dalle piramidi ai giorni nostri” (Alternate history of the world. A journey full of surprises in the path of man. From the pyramids up to the present days) has just come out in all the bookstores. The book, the twentieth of his prolific career that has seen him starring even on TV screens, is the natural development of the topics covered in his latest show Freedom – Oltre il Confine (Freedom – Across the border) which, this year, will count 13 episodes in its second edition, five of which already aired. The book “is a travel through time from prehistory to the present. It is linked to the possibility that some historical events happened differently than expected” the author says. Hence the name of the book Storia alternativa del mondo (Alternate history of the world).


According to Roberto Giacobbo, “in the reporting recollection of the events, there may have been some inaccuracies which, seemingly small, would be able to lead us to very far conclusions. Furthermore, traces that once seemed totally meaningless, or even not visible, nowadays become decisive to provide and define the truth about historical facts”.

This time-travel starts from the origins of the Earth, passing by ancient Egypt, Divine Comedy and Nicola Tesla, until getting to the present days. This publication does not cover the strictly current period that, according to Giacobbo, “will have an important role in historical records for sure, because we are experiencing a period modern science had never faced”. The same affected the launch of the book as well, which is gathering a lot of success in online mode. In the latest Giacobbo’s publishing effort there is the natural continuation of a path the journalist started with Freedom – Oltre il confine (Freedom – Across the border) and with its monthly magazine. I chose to use the high legibility font EasyReading even in my book as I did with my TV show and the magazine. I believe in its importance because it makes the reading easier to dyslexics and more fluent to those who do not have any reading difficulties. In the show we are using it for all overlayed texts and, after having used it in our magazine, it seemed natural to stick with this choice”.


The font designer Federico Alfonsetti, CEO of EasyReading Multimedia Srl, can only be said satisfied by the sign of esteem of Roberto Giacobbo who is still choosing our font EasyReading. “Seeing that a such notable person like Roberto Giacobbo is using our inclusive font in his TV show, in the related magazine and in his latest publishing work can only fill us with pride. Let us hope that more and more authors and publishing houses will realize the importance of making its books, and therefore the culture more generally, accessible to all”.