Display FOR ALL. Art is accessible to everyone at La Venaria Reale

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Tomorrow, 15 September, at 11.30 am in the Ifigenia Room at La Venaria Reale, the national presentation press conference of Display FOR ALL will be held: the first display in the world destined to revolutionise museum fruition for all people with disabilities. 

We are talking about a guided tactile approach, about descriptions in 9 languages and films in Italian Sign Language (LIS) and International Signs. We are talking about the abolition of architectural barriers, about a monitor with text suitable for high-legibility fonts, which will use our EasyReading font, already used in recent months at the National Cinema Museum in Turin, at the Milan Triennale, at the Palazzo Reale, again in Milan, at the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation and at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum. 

Marco Canali, the investor who more than any other believed in the font created by Federico Alfonsetti, assisted by a team of experienced collaborators, does not hide his satisfaction for the steps forward made here: “I find talking of accessible art and working around this area to be a beautiful return to the origins. There are many entities in Italy working to bring innovations to the world of accessibility and we, with a simple and effective font, try to do this, to bring understanding, to let everyone read and understand, no one excluded. The ultimate goal? Avoid that those who may “be different” lose self-esteem, lose interest at school and consequently live a life of social exclusion. I would also like to thank New Planet 3D for having thought of us as valid partners to accompany their innovative product”. 

Display FOR ALL is designed by the Turin-based start-up New Planet 3D with the aim of making any work of art also available to people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive disabilities. The Display FOR ALL prototype will be presented in advance to the press tomorrow morning. 

For those wishing so, it is possible to take advantage of the shuttle service to reach the Reggia di Venaria. Useful information for this service can be found at the following address: www.gtt.to.it/cms/risorse/turismo/pdf/orario_venaria_express.pdf