Ghost and EasyReading guests at il Circolo dei lettori

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The presentation of the third volume of the hard copy publication, GHOST, in which one of the stories is dedicated to our highly legible font and to EasyReading Multimedia, was held recently in Turin at il Circolo dei lettori  in Via Bogino 9. The team is present in full force on the pages of the magazine, having ended up not by chance in the lens of one of the greatest Italian photographers, Efrem Raimondi. The story is written by the journalist Nadia Afragola.

The evening was the ideal opportunity to talk with the protagonists of the magazine, including the author and Pierpaolo Pitacco, art director of “Rolling Stone” about “Ghost”, a limited edition his, with hand-numbered copies. It is not a magazine, not a book, it is halfway between these two definitions.  It is primarily a photography publishing project created to narrate stories about women, men and passions.  And to narrate photography itself. It was a pleasure to be part of it.