EasyReading at the Politecnico di Torino

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The project “MY WEB MY RULES”, created by four students – Giulia and Greta Bosco, Matteo Calò and Ilenia Centonze – was recently presented at the Politecnico di Torino.

The research, based on the Design for All methodology, i.e. ensuring that it was suitable for everyone and not just for dyslexics, uses the EasyReading font and is divided into two sections: the “Subtitles Project” concerning video subtitling and the “Polito APP Project” concerning the educational website of the Politecnico.

The objective of the project is not to bring a dyslexic person’s reading parameters to the levels of a normal reader, but to acquire strategies that enable him to study and learn regardless of these parameters, as required by Law 170/2010 whose ultimate goal is to ensure student autonomy (in the Turin university there are approx. 250 dyslexic students).

It was an honour to receive the attention of the new generation, of the students, of what will be our future. Only they can change things. Only they have the possibility to improve the attention paid to those who are not inferior to us but simply different, just like those who are dyslexic. It’s a starting point. A very valuable starting point and a lesson for all those who still fail to see beyond. Beyond the wall of words.

Don’t be afraid to change your standards, it can become an advantage for everyone. Let’s start now!“: concludes the research of these students, to whom we can but say keep up the good work. It concludes with an invitation, not to be afraid. And if saying so is our future, perhaps we should listen to it!