EasyReading at the inauguration of the Project Room # 2: the high legibility is important in the art world too.

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Tuesday, 20th September 2016 the inauguration of the Project Room # 2 took place, at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro.

The brilliant, young protagonist of this Project Room, Maria Teresa Ortoleva, thanked us warmly, recognizing the enthusiasm for the art world in our participation as Educational & Typeface Partner.

EasyReading Multimedia wish in its turn to thank both the artist and the Foundation for giving us this precious opportunity:

One of the reasons why we support these workshops, is the awareness that writing is a very recent art form if compared to sculpting, painting and music.

Many people, for various reasons, have difficulty in reading: we all happen to read incorrectly, especially if we have to do it quickly, as we are required by our hyper technological world.

The written word is one of the more complex art forms: our brains have to turn all those signs in things, form, weight, colours, images, movements and feelings, and it have to do that quickly.


The high legibility font we designed, developed, scientifically tested, is helping dyslexic people, but normal readers as well to read with less effort, enabling them to focus on content instead of on interpreting the symbols that they see. To have a nice character always helps: a motto coined for us by the philosopher and poet Guido Ceronetti.