A new version of the app Quiz Patente, using our EasyReading font, has been released

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Sermetra Net Service released the Quiz Patente La Nuova Guida 2021, the first version of the driving school students’ app “accessible for all” thanks to the use of EasyReading font and the addition of the ministerial propositions’ audio tracks.

“The developer company, a market leader in the software and services’ supply to companies working in the field of traffic and means of transport, has proven to be forward-looking within an area where no entity had still thought of a solution of this kind” said Easyreading font designer Federico Alfonsetti. “Let us hope this choice can stimulate other realities within a sector where accessibility should be at the order of the day”.

Quizzes are now benefiting from a font facilitating and speeding up the reading also to people with no dyslexia.

In the same app, and in the Quizpatenteapp.com website, there are also audio tracks in the 3 official languages of the test: Italian, French and German.

The renovating of the interface, which is now more resembling to a social network, has played an important role in the release on the main stores of the new version of the app, downloaded and used by over 8 million students so far. The games inside, the theory advices, the comments accompanying the test and the video illustrations help the student in the preparation, by involving him. In addition, for the most difficult questions, the student can interface with the teacher of one of the driving schools which are using the platform La nuova Guida / Sermetra Net Service.

The perfect union between digital and real world in order to allow students to overcome the most important exam.