Tuscia University chooses the inclusive font, EasyReading®

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The university of Viterbo awards universal accessibility to culture
The font will be installed on all the university’s PCs and will also be
the default font for all e-learning activities

The university of Viterbo has purchased the user licence for the font EasyReading® Dyslexia Friendly, the highly readable typeface that breaks down reading barriers, including for those with dyslexia. The font will be installed on all the university’s PCs and used as the default for all digital teaching activities.

“If Coronavirus has accelerated the digitalisation of teaching”, states the Rector’s Spokesperson for Inclusion and Equity of the university of Viterbo, “you can’t deny that it has also widened the gap between those who had access to culture and those who needed support in order to make use of it. This is where the idea to adopt the EasyReading® font comes in: it is a choice for the present and for the future”.
It is a choice that looks to the future and meets the needs of some while preserving those of many, because the font is inclusive and highly readable for everyone.

“We are genuinely pleased that Tuscia University has purchased our typeface. Choices that are dictated by the emergency today may represent an opportunity to develop and enhance good practices for the future”, says EasyReading Multimedia, the company spreading the word on the strength of its font throughout the world. EasyReading is a valid, compensatory tool for readers with dyslexia and, at the same time, a font that makes things easier for all categories of readers.
In this case, attention was paid not only to the universality of culture, but also to universal accessibility to culture. Culture is not just destined for all people, all people need to be able to make use of it.

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