“Freedom – Beyond the border” chooses EasyReading, the easiest font for dyslexics

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The EasyReading font, which overcomes reading barriers for dyslexics, will make its debut in prime time in Roberto Giacobbo’s “Freedom” program, on air from 20 December on Retequattro.

The program will make use of the latest high-definition filming technologies, also counting on an appropriate use of special effects. Also Giacobbo, in his new adventure with Mediaset, will go on screen in a “high-tech” version. In the background of all this will be texts, diagrams and graphics composed strictly with the EasyReading font, designed to facilitate reading also by dyslexics.

The designer Federico Alfonsetti, Chairman of the company EasyReading Multimedia, commented the agreement just reached: “A huge step forward, because our font will be on a national television network, in a television program intended to provide information and not just entertainment. After the Regio theatre in Turin, the Savoy residences, Museums, Italian and international publishing houses and the airport apps, this is a further step towards understanding how important facilitated reading is in everyday life”.

Roberto Giacobbo explained: “We filmed everything in super-high-definition cinema scope and graphic designers coming from the cinema are collaborating with us and so there will be some extremely important and modern things from a visual point of view. So we decided to use a scientifically proven font that facilitates reading also for dyslexics. A font that looks like all the others but which has some peculiarities for reading everything quickly or at least significantly reducing reading times. I think this is important, because popularisation must be truly for everyone, suitable for young people and adults, whether highly educated or otherwise. We must not be incomprehensible for some or boring for others”.