Employment in publishing

Andrea Delogu's book introduction Dove finiscono le parole. Storia semiseria di una dislessica (Where words end. A semi-serious history of a dyslexic woman) published by RAI Books. The autor “strongly wanted” the book to be written with EasyReading font (Turin Book's Fair 2019)

Employment in museum

asyReading is the official font of the exhibition Arnaldo Pomodoro. 90 years of sculpture. An exhibition set among Palazzo Reale, Fondazione Pomodoro, Triennale, Poldi Pezzoli, Fondazione Fendi (Milan 2017).

Employment on television

Mediaset (one of the major private Italian national broadcasters) has chosen EasyReading font for the textual part of the Roberto Giacobbo's show: Freedom. Oltre il confine (Freedom: beyond the border).

Teaching use

One word, thousand of possibilities. Educational workshop for primary school with the use of EasyReading by the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation (Milan 2017).


How EasyReading is born

«Visual communication is made of graphic expressions, font's shape, words' legibility, of all the means easing the reading of a text. The image used should be readable to all and for all equally, otherwise there is no visual communication, indeed, there is no communication at all: only visual chaos». (Bruno Munari)

A Design for all project

EasyReading has been created using an approach to the Design for All methodology, where diversity is not a problem but a facilitating value.

Words dancing

«Words dancing before my eyes and letters jumping, sometimes: that's all I am» (from Dario, a dyslexic guy).

Simulating how a dyslexic can perceive the crowding effect in reading.


Educational video for schools

Diversity is not a problem. Educational video for schools available in five languages.

EasyReading can be considered a valid compensatory tool for readers with dyslexia and a facilitating font for all categories of readers.

Who’s behind that

Federico Alfonsetti, Enzo Bartolone, Marco Canali and Nino Truglio introducing the EasyReading font.


A highly legible font for all

The speech of Marco Canali from EasyReading Multimedia at 21° IEA Conference - International Ergonomics Association (Vancouver 13-18 June 2021).


Beyond the border

Diversity as a key value, the ongoing social changes, the life quality to be sought and the brave choices to be made. Round table at Casa Lago (Milan 2017).