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The Graphic Characteristics
of the EasyReading® Font

EasyReading® is composed of 808 glyphs (letters, numbers, accents, symbols, punctuation). To offer a complete range
of letters and accents, it covers the alphabet
of all Neo-Latin languages.
It includes 6 styles:
EasyReading Italic
EasyReading Bold
EasyReading Bold Italic
EasyReadingXB Black

“Design offers a solution to a given problem”.
(Bruno Munari)
We followed this precise, clear indication of one of Italy's masters of design in the four years of work (2006-2009) needed to create the EasyReading® font.
For us, this meant: “designing an aid to make reading easier
for dyslexic people”.

The EasyReading® font received approval for the granting of incentives for its innovative design from the Ministry of Economic Development, through the Fondazione Valore Italia's permanent exhibition of Italian products and design.

EasyReading® is a Community design created by Federico Alfonsetti and registered by Edizioni Angolo Manzoni: UAMI n. 001648031-0001, 15/12/2009
EasyReading® is a Community trademark registered by Edizioni Angolo Manzoni: UAMI n. 008893919, 24/08/2010