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The Graphic Characteristics
of the EasyReading™ Font

EasyReading™ is composed of 808 glyphs (letters, numbers, accents, symbols, punctuation). To offer a complete range
of letters and accents, it covers the alphabet
of all Neo-Latin languages.
It includes 6 styles:
EasyReading Italic
EasyReading Bold
EasyReading Bold Italic
EasyReadingXB Black

“Design offers a solution to a given problem”.
(Bruno Munari)
We followed this precise, clear indication of one of Italy's masters of design in the four years of work (2006-2009) needed to create the EasyReading™ font.
For us, this meant: “designing an aid to make reading easier
for dyslexic people”.

The EasyReading™ font received approval for the granting of incentives for its innovative design from the Ministry of Economic Development, through the Fondazione Valore Italia's permanent exhibition of Italian products and design.